Chakra (energy wheels)   chakralady

Here’s an overview of the spiritual context of tantric/bodywork concepts because although I move in ‘like minded’ circles, I’m aware when speaking outside of this (and with many clients who come to me when something isn’t working), that it’s hard to grasp what a Chakra is. A chakra is the Sanskrit name for energy wheels – or centres – in our energetic bodies.Added to this, it’s even further left of field to explain causal bodies – ten bodies of energy layers that encompass our being, but I won’t do that here. You’re free to do further research otherwise contact me for a session to experience the waves.So as not to be too descriptive, I’ve grabbed some info here that explains the basics of chakra centres. These run up through our spine and harness the energies that can be tapped into when dealing with specific areas in the body with the aim to support healing or releasing blocks – or to increase kundalini experience and enlightenment, depending on where you’re at.

1st ROOT CHAKRA RED Stability – represents our connection to the natural earth and the physical world. Opening this chakra will bring one a sense of grounding, stability, courage, and patience. If energy is stuck here, there’s a tendency to be clingy, stubborn, neurotic. Also can be path of our own self destructive/addictive behaviours e.g. lack of trust / gaining power through sex.

2nd SACRAL CHAKRA ORANGE Sensuality – connected to sexuality and our emotions. To realign this chakra is to restore a depth of feeling, harmony in relationships, and an openness to exploration. Centre of our sex organs. Seat of our emotional body – birthing & creativity. Negatively, we become ‘empty’, starve ourselves, give away our power.

3rd SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA YELLOW Transformation Chakra or Power Chakra rules over our personal power and will. Opening this energy centre clears negative patterns and brings ambition, intelligence and spontaneity. Above and around the navel area. If we lack purpose or knowing our true self, we lack identity and meaning thus feel challenged to belong in the world.

 4th HEART CHAKRA GREEN Compassion – is associated with love, forgiveness and compassion. A healthy Heart Chakra allows us to feel deep emotions, possess hope, and live peacefully with those around us. If our hearts are closed, we will struggle to find meaning in our intimate connections as this heart space is where we express our true understanding of unconditional love.

5th THROAT CHAKRA BLUE Creativity Chakra Five is related to communication, voice, rhythm and harmony. Tuning in to this energy centre enables one to communicate clearly and fluidly, and to express oneself creatively. Whenever our ‘voice’ isn’t heard, we may be subject to more throat infections or tickles and other debilitating issues that ‘keep us quiet’. Common in people who’ve been brought up that they should be seen and not heard.

6th BROW CHAKRA INDIGO Intuition or Third Eye Chakra connects to the deeper level of being–the spirit. Aligning to this energy centre gives us enhanced perception, wisdom and understanding. Crankiness and erratic behaviours, migraines and other factors that have an impact on our heads may often be an indication that there are messages trying to reach us intuitively.

7th CROWN CHAKRA VIOLET Enlightenment – relates to divine guidance, free will and unity with the greater world beyond.When balanced, this chakra brings enlightenment, spiritual connection and bliss. Also relates to the pineal gland and is the aim from our base chakra to encompass opening all wheels (chakras) along our spine = kundalini energy = ecstasy! *seat of the soul * thousand petalled lotusSimilarly head pain can be a signal that our higher consciousness seeks for us to be open and surrender to the flow.There is also an 8th right at the top of our head which is our Aura and represents working balance of all centres and our ability to integrate Higher Consciousness into our presence and projection. I’m currently accessing and focussing more intuitively with clients in this spectre. Often past life stories can be activated, plus psychic cords and residual toxic energies may need closure. (See chakra / spiritual / oulmate healing).


Please feel free to chat to me if you feel there is something else going on that you would like clarity and peace of mind around.