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“A very personal story about owning my sexuality & becoming empowered through sex-work, study & therapy. This incredible experience was a gateway toward healing my feminine & eventual discovery of my life’s purpose: the embodiment & teaching of Tantra practice today. To read more & buy on-line, click..”

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TRUST, a memoir (Published 2014 Balboa Press)


Taryn Harvey was on the fast track to success when her life changed. Stricken with adrenal fatigue, she had to step away from a demanding career in public relations. What happened next was beyond anything she could have ever imagined for herself: she became a professional escort.

Binge drinking, eating disorders and unhealthy relationships took their toll on her body. Through compulsory therapy she came to understand how emotional abuse and low self-esteem doomed her intimate relationships from the start. Stronger and with new confidence, she committed herself to helping others heal, as she did.

Now a qualified relationships counselor, sex therapist and Tantra coach, she explores the big questions we all need to ask: What is intimacy? How do we really feel about sex? Is monogamy healthy? What makes us feel ashamed? How do we heal from heartbreak? Can we recover our sex drive?

With raw honesty, Harvey presents a bumpy yet humorous trek into the heart and soul of our very existence. She survives kinky clients, laughs and cries with friends, falls in love, gets emotionally blackmailed and leaves town – only to return and finally face her fears. Enticing but never prurient, Trust invites you into the life of a sex worker … from someone who never thought she’d be a part of an industry few understand.