Conscious Sexuality Healing and Tantra Practitioner Training

– An exclusive 1:1 program (applications upon interview)




I launched this course in 2014, and what I discovered from previous participants was that all were health practitioners themselves. My students include a kundalini yoga teacher, chakra therapists and few lovely, very flexible & fun dancers.

It was clear to me that everyone had the same passion and focus; to work with the body. And so I began reconsidering my offerings over the years. Given all my trainees were body-based in expertise, and all of them were keen to delve more deeply into the energy of sexuality and spirit, I would need to rethink my teaching method.

During this time, I was fortunate to be invited by The Awareness Institute to collaborate and write a program for their students. We are already preparing for our third year in 2018!  (Program outline on Home page or under Tantra collaboration page section).

Given that not everyone wants to take time off to attend intensive programs such as this, I’ve maintained my private 1:1 trainings, which have also surprised me with their expansion.

‘Why did people still prefer to learn Tantra privately with me?’ I wondered.

Firstly, I discovered that they all preferred to come in for one on one because depth of this work can leave one vulnerable and challenged (which is quite often the path of many a healer as we expand and grow).

During such intensive trainings, it’s not uncommon for ‘wounding’ to appear – and this is a large part of our human condition; and indeed necessary for our continued transformation – especially in this field of Sacred Sexuality.

I only have to recall my own learning process, and how confronting it all was to explore the depth of personal & emotional experience. My first 1:1 Tantra Teacher Training with Guru Bhakti back in 2006 was incredibly exhaustive. And when she accepted me as a private student we spent 3 months together –  12 hours a day x 5 days a week, and it opened me up to feelings of overwhelm plus vulnerability over and over again.

Discipline was the most challenging part for me. Having to undertake rituals each day, and to really understand their concepts without falling into boredom, or projecting ego for what I believed I already knew, always kept me on my toes – and yet in the practices I constantly felt the need to strive for what I felt inside as a calling to open more deeply to my heart.  I’m a portal of body movement and flexibility therefore I practiced the rituals, honouring the calling, and I know some do struggle with these initial body based movements in group.

Evolution is ongoing, so the more we are willing to dive in to our own journey the more we clear the space so that we can hold space for others. Wherever there’s a need to really stretch the ego, and nurture any wounding, is where we will go. And so, for those of you who are answering the call, I understand that you are often balancing it with the need for healing & discretion.

I get it. And it works really well!

This year once again I’m offering one-on-one placements, so if you would like to join me please do call.

I’d love to facilitate your Tantric initiation. Let’s start by having a chat to see whether we are right for one another, and how this program plus practice can fit into a schedule that works for us both.

This training is an intensive in TWO PROGRAMS

 15 hours CERTIFICATE (5 x 3 hour sessions tailored over 12 months)  


 50 hours DIPLOMA (PRIVATE TUITION 10 x 5 hour intensive over 15 months)  


*NOTE: includes theory experiential education over 15 months *testimonials as per college participants

*Incorporates introduction to modalities inclusive of; energy, meridians, yoga, ayurveda, tantra, sexuality, coaching empathy, counselling ethics & health practitioner guidelines.

**PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE / discounted upon upfront commitment


Taryn has a very supportive & nurturing presence. By learning to work with the breath, Taryn taught me how to slow down and be present to internal feeling sensations in my body. I learnt to be more aware of where I was holding tension, how to sense into those areas and then experience any ‘stuck’ emotions and feelings, followed by a gentle ‘allowing’ of things to just be. In becoming more quiet and attuning to my body in this way I was left with a greater sense of clarity and feeling more at ease with myself….the teaching was more expansive than I could’ve imagined – but so worth it for the growth. I’m so grateful…
Douglas Channing, Chakradance - Rythm for your Soul