Whether we label ourselves Empress, Queen, High Priestess or Goddess, we are all women with deep heartfelt desires.

And what I know is that after 30 years of searching; sourcing guru’s, guides & mother-types to help me, I’ve realised my own powerful potential.  Now I’ve arrived, blossoming in my 50’s whilst fulfilling a unique destiny that paves the way for me in honouring a call from the Divine to be of service.

So now, here’s some very female – real and common reasons why I’ve created this very unique and personal mentoring program for you.

Maybe some things resonate – and maybe all of them do. It doesn’t matter which. Just take a moment to check in on yourself and see….

  • You are contemplating your purpose & meaning within relationships.
  • You’re a successful entrepreneur or CEO yet constantly experience failed relationships.
  • You’ve never had an orgasm and realise you’re experiencing a less than average sex life
  • You require guidance to navigate the world of internet dating and mating – how to communicate without coming across as too sexy, desperate or disinterested – aloof?
  • Family life has left you too busy to feel anything remotely like pleasure.
  • You yearn to embrace your feminine essence, but don’t quite know what this means.
  • You are now widowed, divorced or alone and crave some form of intimacy – but how?
  • You’ve reached the magic years 50+ and experiencing challenging, even frightening life-changes (menopause, single, separating, not yet had kids or kids left home to name a few…)

Whatever your age or experiences, what does being Feminine mean these days anyway?

While it’s been an honour for me to provide more support and guidance on how to embody the feminine in today’s world,  along with most women, I have been confronted by the complexity of what it means to be a woman during my lifetime.

First challenge; getting married when I didn’t really ever want to at 25 – I lost my power.

Secondly; by becoming divorced a year later at 26 – I lost faith in the whole meaning of relationships.

I lost ME!

Over the last 25 years since, I’ve meandered down some rather challenging paths, harnessing my ambitious drive for perfection in order to belong – to prove to myself and the world that I was ‘good enough’ – worthy of success (and love).  Sure enough, I did finally rise up from the ashes after a few years of grief.

Yes I did end up working through the ranks to experience corporate success, but what I didn’t realise was this; I had tapped into my masculine energy to carve out this life.

What I hadn’t foreseen was the shadow side; the dangers of burn-out – adrenal fatigue completely disempowering me once again.

During healing I discovered it was about balancing this masculine side and become more in tune with the feminine (which wasn’t easy for me given it was so repressed by then).  So here I am, many years later and much clearer about what being a woman has meant for me.

I’ve come to realise that by repressing my own feminine I had displaced my sense of creativity – therefore I was totally cut off from the source of life; my sacred sexual energy!

We are women, therefore we are designed by nature to create, as in ‘birth’, plus we desire to connect with others by sharing our trials, and by nurturing those we love. So how do many of us lose this sense of creation and nurturing within ourselves?

Many of us have grown up being told that we can have it all. Yet we’ve discovered that essentially we need to be many things so that we can ‘have it all’. Yes we play with the boys in the boardroom, and we’ve become more sexually open minded; some women actively taking lovers and then others marrying wonderful men. But can we retain our feminine essence? Or do we become lost; spiralling into fatigue- in some cases so stressed that our bodies rebel by creating illness such as ovarian and breast cancer?

Stop, take a breath and ask yourself this….’Is my life really serving me, or have I become servant to a busy, unfulfilling life?

Think about yourself as a woman today.

  • You deserve success.
  • You are worthy of love.
  • You can have a healthy passionate fuelled relationship.
    • and yes you CAN  be an  assertive lady, yet still retain your persuasive professional power!

However, are you operating in the World like this? Do you have all these things or is there something missing?

Here’s a breakdown of some of life’s other generally expected experiences and challenges facing the women who are coming in to see me.

  • Fatigue & Fear of Failure
  • Migraines / stress related illnesses due to ‘over-coping’ at work, home or with relatives
  • Menstruation issues
  • Menopause
  • Men & mating, dating (bullying on-line /toxic un-coupling / child custody battles / stalking)

Some challenges that may need deeper nurturing in order for you to gather strength and purpose to ‘carry on’,

sensual belly cropped

  • Miscarriage & grief (a topic very close to my heart)
  • Body changes that no-one tells you about; how to maintain vitality (ongoing bleeding), balancing joy (vaginal trauma), releasing grief (heart space healing),
  • Cervical, mastectomy, illness recovery & sex  (trust)
  • IVF; let’s talk about babies – what about sex? The rollercoaster ride of emotions, hormones & living the hellish experience that is being around other well-meaning naturally pregnant mothers

Okay, so what can you expect to achieve by working with me, and where do we start?

One-on-one mentoring sessions are tailored specifically to support you in finding solutions, together focussing on establishing a sense of wellbeing as I guide you back into a more exquisite, pleasure filled and joyful life! As an expert in area of Relationships with therapeutic and coaching training I believe that it’s important for you to feel absolutely connected and supported by me at all times. It’s not just about feeling sexier and having confidence – it’s about being seen for the unique woman you are; for being heard in all that you have to offer, and successfully stepping back into the world knowing that your life can be much more nourishing & easier to navigate. Loving yourself more ~ asserting your power ~ acknowledging your inner wisdom & reclaiming that most luscious aspect of your orgasmic body + soul!

How can I help you re-vamp your mojo? 

  • I will share all the tips, facts, fantasies that men have: It’s not all about having sex!
  • I will safely take you through, experientially and emotionally, into identifying where any shift in thinking is required, and teach you how to get that loving feeling back in to your body.
  • I will honour your process with these practices & show you how you can – and will – expand your potential for healing and sexual fulfilment.

What are the benefits of such an intimate program?

You will,

  • Become more aware of your SELF as Womanly, soulful & with purpose
    • (for analytical personalities, yes we will have structure & plan with your journey mapped out)
  • Regain a sense of self worth (you will be guided to recognise & release self-limiting beliefs)
  • Own your sensuality
  • Love the skin you’re in (body image & self-esteem re-evaluation)
  • Eat for health & better sex (Ayurvedic /dietary consult – no expectations only recommendations)
  • Connect with your heart and honour self-love (chakra balancing where needed)
  • Reclaim Power (address where you’re giving in, energy away to others needs / demands)
  • Balance energies (feminine alignment with the masculine)
  • Own your Feminine Zone (how well do you know your own body – do you honour your yoni? (vagina)
  • Discover how to attract a worthy lover (or revamp the one’s you have! Nothing beats being revitalised and inspiring our lover to step up, shape up or step aside)
  • Know what to wear; how to feel sexier and ‘walk the sexy talk’
  • Bring out your inner ‘wild woman’ archetype (Reclaim and Embody the new Feminine mythology!)
  • You will learn the 5 keys of  Tantra and how can it be integrated into your life.

“Please feel free to call me for a chat and review of your current story  so that we can create a fresh new chapter; a new life; a new love affair maybe…or simply revitalise a sexy new you!”

Intimacy, Love & Life Mentoring for today’s Modern Empress

(experiential, empathic, fun, expansive, wisdom and sharing)

Package : 6 sessions (guidance+clarity)                                                 $2,400

If you only want to come in for one session, that’s okay too! 2.5 hours $444

Package sessions are discussed and arranged in advance, mapping out our intention and diarising time or SKYPE for face to face mentoring (Can be hourly or 2 hourly).

Time can be taken in blocks or broken into one hour per week depending on your schedule and requirements.

In our introductory 1/2 hour free chat or meeting, we can explore your options. The above packages have been created to encompass what I’ve felt has been missing in basic tantric coaching or therapy sessions. My aim is to be alongside you every step of the way until you feel ready; self-assured to step out in your most powerful, assertive and gorgeous feminine self.

Think of me as your Earth Mother; your Soul Sister & collective conscious guide. Love Taryn