Since January 2016, Taryn has collaborated with the Awareness Institute in Sydney, (find out more about us here) to bring about a World Class program for individuals seeking higher learning & practitioner level training.


” “Together we are able integrate key resources such as reiki, counselling & business in practice to enhance this modality in its fulness as an offering to your clients. Whether you are already a working psychotherapist, nurse, counsellor, energy healer or involved in any other health or relationships based field (corporate relationship management leaders may also benefit with the inclusion of such an integrated interpersonal skills based program), this Tantra program will enrich your skill set & deepen your own personal relationships with self and others.

There are two pathways to practitioner training: 
1. Certificate in Tantric Practice
is for anyone interested in exploring Tantra and not wishing to or not yet ready to train as a practitioner

2. Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Intimacy Facilitation
is for anyone ready to train as a practitioner read more here

what is tantra and sacred intimacy?
Tantra is a practice consisting of principal ideas pertaining to all aspects of our mind/body/emotional state of ‘being’.
The weaving of the masculine and feminine components (energy) we all comprise as individuals, become a reflection – aligning us with our cosmos (Universe/Shiva)and Earth (Gaia/Shakti).
This is noted as consciously co-creating unity (balance), harmony & ecstasy (often via sacred connection but not exclusively sexual in behaviour or adaptation). Sexuality is deemed as a higher aspect of this vibrational portal for direct ascendance & enlightenment, hence its sacredness as ‘rite of passage’.
There’s a saying, “Without Guru and mantra, there’s no Tantra”, however we are all Gurus today once we seed tradition with intention and water it with love. – Taryn Harvey
once you graduate – what does a session with a Tantra Practitioner involve?
The trained practitioner offers an introductory conversation to prepare clients for what may unfold during the process of relaxation into surrender (a state of non-ego as having expectations are generally associated with attachment to outcomes).
There are 5 keys to tantric relational practices which include energy activation – not specifically arousal through genital stimulation, nor is pleasure the only goal. Whether an individual or a couple wanting to practice together to deepen their union (utilizing their own polarity) it is through various tools of meditation, sensory awareness, breath, movement and mindful positioning of the body that clients learn how to harness and activate their energy centres. The person becomes aware of their emotional intelligence, creating a container for unconditional love (with self) and how to recognise their inherent roles as men and women, our biological link to desire and external conditioning of masculine/feminine archetypes; recognising how this plays out in all areas of their life.
They may experience a Kundalini awakening, emotional release (chakra blocks, old emotional/cellular wounds especially but not exclusively sexual repression, abuse, illness, highly sexed, shamed, guilt) and discover many parts of their existence that may have been under-valued – hence less blissful and without depth or purpose in not only external relationships but with one’s own body + spirit.
This pathway is also deeply therapeutic as well as being a guide toward feelings of bliss and individuation (ascension of body + spirit + mind state) to overcome all of life’s obstacles.
Post session debriefing is conducted to clarify feelings, outcomes and ground the client, assuring they are safe to leave and integrate with the outside world (always highly recommending they have prepared for free time to allow the feelings some space for processing as often there is a ‘body orgasmic’ euphoric state of being, or a mental recognition of patterns that have become problematic and require further investigation.)
All sessions are conducted clothed, touch is minimal and always consensual.
who is this program for?
This program is highly suited for both men and women seeking to awaken and/or expand upon their own psycho-spiritual, intimacy correlation and energetic transformation. Also through the unveiling of prejudicial constructs, these ideologies arm the person (or potential practitioner if the desire and calling is present) with Universal knowledge and gifts for healing that transcend all modalities as separate. By this we mean that they will be able to more clearly identify laterally and metaphysically with the essence of human sexuality, which is recognized and embodied as a portal for deep and effective support to cultivate better human relations, sustain and overcome long held beliefs, religious or cultural conditions that may be in opposition to one’s higher truth – leading to illness and often curtailing into the deprivation of intimate connection.
Touch is a vital component of human relating often not included in mainstream couples counselling or general therapies. While tactile therapeutic techniques are taught in this program, they are non sexual in nature. All classes are conducted fully clothed.
Tantra practice is fast gaining credibility as it is being increasingly identified for its value in having the capacity to honour our human condition. Tantra creates an easy, safe and soothing pathway to Life Source and healing.
course structure (see subject information here)
course timetable (see current outline for 2017 here)
*Note: due to the intensity of our program to meet Practitioner requirements, our Diploma component will require minimum 5 participants.  This program is offered over 6 months. It consists of theory, explanation, demonstration, workshops.
to enroll please go here
or contact us for an enrolment form which once completed, we will organise an interview. 02 9436 1644 or [email protected]
For students who wish to explore tantra and intimacy teachings and do not desire to become a practitioner, you can complete the following subjects to obtain a Certificate in Tantric Practice:
Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – An Introduction
Tantra History and Conscious Relationships
Tantra Key Practices
PLUS 1 mentoring session with Taryn.

These courses may be used at a later date towards the practitioner program subject to acceptance via interview.

All intellectual rights of the Tantra specific courses belong to Taryn Harvey.