For years I’ve made sure that although I’m an avid practitioner of tantric sexual healing and experienced bodyworker, I constantly read articles written in mainstream ‘conservative’ publications & journals.

Having been published myself in Australian Journal of Pharmacy some years back, I do know the value of thorough research and always admired Psychology Today as one journal that always provides us with ethical and well written articles by esteemed practitioners.

However there’s a conservative stream whereby anything left of field, especially when relating to sexuality or specific sexual practice, may be misconstrued due to fear, therefore dismissed and often not published.

Here is one such case where Psychotherapist Stanley Siegal has been sidelined for his open-minded research and written views on sex as sex therapy; specifically in relation to an article earlier this year which focussed on the relative health benefits of someone seeing a sexworker.

I marvel at anyones courage for stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking on ‘establishment’ thinking in order to provide concise and relevant important findings. Thanks Stanley!

Here’s his article  Sexworker or Therapist which was banned from Psychology Today.

He published it on-line and has now created his own publication Psychology Tomorrow.

Congratulations! Here’s to honest, heartfelt healing and compassion.


Artwork by Betty Dodson ‘Lovers’

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