I developed The Polarity Key™ because I could see where there was a gap in a person’s understanding of Tantra as a way of life. Many who source Tantra are unaware of the underlying need to heal, and struggle to embody the disciplines (such as yoga, movement, mantras) all at once.

By knowing how to engage a person at their own level of entry is key to their undertaking of Tantra – and will inspire the sourcing their own inner polarity so that they experience a higher level of consciousness; welcoming kundalini energy, and living a more heart-centred life in relationship with self and others.

 What drives a person to source Tantra in the first place?

couples two

Men usually consider undertaking Tantra due to…..

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Prostate Health
  • Stress management
  • Mindful Meditation made easy
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Need for touch & intimacy
  • Relationship revamp, Sexuality Guidance & Support
Women often consider Tantra when….Experiencing a life / relationship transition
  • Sexual liberation & self care (body confidence, life cycles)
  • Ritual healing (birth, cancer care, abuse trauma)
  • Body change perspectives & integration  (becoming single *again*after babies*menopause, re-entering sexual relationships)
  • Self esteem
  • Breaking restrictive sexual patterns *taboo*religious*repression

“Tantra is often misunderstood; however it’s fast becoming a part of our conscious  life style – a lover’s alternative in creating intimate and nourishing relationships, whether you are single or coupled up”

Tantric Body – work, play, soothe
My somatic massage approach encompasses mindful touch, breath (pranayama), meditation and energy activation. The intention is for a divine body-mind-spirit connection that promotes rejuvenation & empowerment through arousal + awareness, bringing unity to the masculine & feminine – balancing & nurturing aspects that reside in us all.
“Trained in shamanic journeying (transpersonal, deep meditation embodying your intention & purpose) this can be incorporated into your session upon request”
“With an extensive background in men’s & women’s sexual health, I have supported many in the management of sexual healthcare crises pertaining to the following; post operative treatment (prostatectomy, mastectomy, hysterectomy), sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse, fear of intimacy – advice & healing of past trauma where required.”
Tantra, Sexuality & Intimacy Coach / Holistic Relationships Counselor
  • Supporting individuals in exploring divine sexual union
  • Mentoring & guiding individuals in finding solutions for sexual-relational issues & practical guidelines + educational tools – dating, mating & relating.
  • Expanding on sexual dynamics and foreplay finesse with Tantra & Touch techniques

“Attract the love you deserve & experience divine sexual awakening! We live in a time where aging is only defined by choice. To embrace abundance, passion, diversity & independence is what it means to be alive and vibrant in this ‘New Age'”

Chakra Balancing (energy restoration, clearing, healing)+ Spiritual + sexual healing + cord cutting + tarot

Taryn Harvey,

Tantra Therapy & Body-temple Work

with Heart + Soul