Why consider Tantra as part of your remedial self-care?   

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Men usually consider Tantra due to…..

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Prostate Health
  • Stress management
  • Mindful Meditation made easy
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Need for touch & intimacy
  • Relationship revamp, Sexuality Guidance & Support
Women often consider Tantra when….Experiencing a life / relationship transition
  • Sexual liberation & self care (body confidence, life cycles)
  • Ritual healing (birth, cancer care, abuse trauma)
  • Body change perspectives & integration  (becoming single *again*after babies*menopause, re-entering sexual relationships)
  • Self esteem
  • Breaking restrictive sexual patterns *taboo*religious*repression
“Tantra is often misunderstood; however it’s fast becoming a part of our conscious  life style – a lover’s alternative in creating intimate and nourishing relationships, whether you are single or coupled up”
Tantric Body – work, play, soothe
My somatic massage approach encompasses mindful touch, breath (pranayama), meditation and energy activation. The intention is for a divine body-mind-spirit connection that promotes rejuvenation & empowerment through arousal + awareness, bringing unity to the masculine & feminine – balancing & nurturing aspects that reside in us all.
“Trained in shamanic journeying (transpersonal, deep meditation embodying your intention & purpose) this can be incorporated into your session upon request”
“With an extensive background in men’s & women’s sexual health, I have supported many in the management of sexual healthcare crises pertaining to the following; post operative treatment (prostatectomy, mastectomy, hysterectomy), sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse, fear of intimacy – advice & healing of past trauma where required.”
Tantra, Sex & Intimacy Coach / Holistic Relationships Counselor
  • Supporting individuals in exploring divine sexual union
  • Mentoring & guiding individuals in finding solutions for sexual-relational issues & practical guidelines + educational tools – dating, mating & relating.
  • Expanding on sexual dynamics and foreplay finesse with Tantra & Touch techniques
“Attract the love you deserve & experience divine sexual awakening! We live in a time where aging is only defined by choice. To embrace abundance, passion, diversity & independence is what it means to be alive and vibrant in this ‘New Age'”
Chakra Balancing (energy restoration, clearing, healing)+ Spiritual + sexual healing + cord cutting + tarot
Taryn Harvey, Tantra Therapy with Heart, Body+Soul