Are you feeling on edge & brimming with symptoms of burn out?

Women’s Body Wisdom :

a recovery, writing & tantric reset retreat

BALI Seminyak 28 Jan-3 Feb 2018





When’s the last time you gave yourself space for pleasure…?

I mean, ‘REAL long lasting, adaptive to your busy lifestyle’ kind of pleasure. The kind that vibrates in you, all day – every day, regardless of your relationship status.
Maybe you’re thinking this all sounds kinda nice, but not at all possible.  And here’s why.
I hear from busy women every week, telling me these common reasons WHY they cannot take time out for themselves; either for orgasm or self care (same thing to me). They tell me, with such emotional angst, HOW busy they are due to work, travel, kids, building an Empire…..
And let me share something personal with you; even I have one or three!
Then again, maybe you just couldn’t be bothered to self pleasure or even THINK about having a relationship, let alone nourish the one you already have.  There’s our little inner voice again, denouncing all of the above because, well, you don’t HAVE a relationship.
But I’m here to remind you that you do.
Your BODY is your #1 lover.
Your sexual energy sits in between those divine womanly hips, and it so desperately needs YOU to awaken and welcome it back…!  Yes, your body wants to feel such deep presence; to resonate orgasmic inside and out.
Did you know also, that as our soul is encased in this magnificent human form, we have come here in our own unique one for a reason? And maybe part of your personal journey has been to experience challenges to your body?
So, whatever your experience of love, life & everything else in between, let’s introduce passion & replenished Joi de Vivre once & for all!  How can you get your body & love life back on track…? Okay, then let’s begin by coming together in an intimate inaugural event.
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January 28 to February 3, 2018
Wise Women’s Writing, Rejuvenation & Tantric Reset RETREATTranquil setting.

Tantra teachings in a way that you can ease into…

NO 6am yoga / NO strict vegan


Did you ever want to write your own story?

As a professional Tantra Teacher,

writer & published Author (Trust, a memoir about sexual shaming, self love & transformation)

with my second book on the way, we will be mapping out your unique story.


Early bird $4,290 by New Years Eve 2017 (because if we know that you’re in, we can all sit backand relax into 2018 with ease!)


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I will personally support your writing journey and guide you in how to begin! Not only is it cathartic, but it can also be an incredibly empowering process which aides in healing any beliefs that have kept you feeling trapped.  We will break any cycle of self doubt, and nourish your self esteem.
More venue details and retreat itinerary below:

It’s TIME to create your own magical tantric life.

If you’re keen to explore Tantric teachings in a way that is gentle to ease into, and wish to have a more meaningful experience of intimacy – ready to welcome pleasure back into your world, then YES this retreat is for you!

Did you know that pleasure is nature’s way of keeping us well?

How often do you stop to think about your health as much as you dream about the perfect relationship? Most women don’t even see the signs or symptoms until it’s too late, often choosing to ignore the most important relationship of all.

Imagine for a moment, pressing a refresh button. Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim a connection, and understand the wisdom of your body like our ancestors once did?

Given the stress of modern life, women have forgotten how to listen to their bodies. Many will shut down their hearts, and refuse to welcome their feminine essence – intuitive yet afraid of being seen as soft, or of getting hurt.

Picture yourself far away in a tranquil, exotic location, hanging by the pool with other like minded women. Are you ready to completely reset the way you experience your body? Do you hear the call to change the dynamic of all relationships; breaking free of debilitating beliefs and patterns that have become ingrained at a deep cellular level?

Yes, it’s often an inheritance we are handed, a form of conditioning as our beliefs become the barometer upon which we measure every person we have a relationship with. By the time we’re young women, it feels familiar to do things or act in certain ways that see us in constant cycles of disempowerment, and often grief.

Maybe you’ve experienced low self esteem, or shaming around sex?

These patterns then manifest deeply, becoming the trigger for illnesses such as ovarian and breast cancers. We are seeing a steep rise in women’s health issues as more of us think we still need to be the do’ers. But I’m here to tell you, not only can you break that cycle, you can also reset your DNA; setting a brand new course for yourself and your body.

So let’s help you take your power back!

Are you ready to rewrite your life’s story?

As a successful self published writer, having written for many magazines and articles, it’s not surprising that often clients seek me out simply for advice on how to gain media exposure or ask me how they can write their own book.

It’s easy, really. Especially if you have a story sitting in your belly that needs to be shared with the world. Or maybe you only want to practice writing as a cathartic and creative process; as part of your healing journey?

I will take you through how to structure and speak in your own authentic voice so that your own story may be heard.

Set among the beautiful backdrop of peaceful, exotic Bali, there’s no better spiritual place to find expression of your own powerful story – and no better time than the beginning of a New Year.

Whatever reason you feel compelled to tell your story, I do know that together we can replenish your energy and rewrite your life!

What will happen on this retreat?

You will cleanse any toxic past beliefs, and rejuvenate your body.IMG_7669

You will learn key tantric practices to enhance your wellbeing, boosting self esteem and making room for more authentic, intimate relationships.

During this rejuvenating retreat, you will gain essential life skills for nurturing your body and increased energy for vitality which is essential in raising & maintaining pleasure!

This retreat will help refuel your sexual essence, bringing optimism for the future in life and love.

You will discover key practices, learning how to listen to your body and experience the benefit of feeling and expressing your emotions.You will share space with other amazing women.

Why join me as your writing mentor and tantric teacher?

Because my first novel, ‘Trust’ (a memoir) was published in 2014 & received global reviews due to the riveting expose of the sex industry, sexual taboo, and my personal journey navigating body image issues & dysfunctional relationships.

An Internationally recognized Tantra Teacher & Relationship Counsellor, I work with the spiritual realms as a psychic channel, knowing my purpose is to bridge our meta plus physical bodies and support unity between men & women.

I hold 1:1 mentoring, ritual and healing sessions and teach my program; Diploma of Tantra & Sacred Intimacy, at the Awareness Institute, Sydney.

Will you get to play at all?

Yes, absolutely you will!

During our retreat, we will set aside plenty of time for play so that there’s an easy flow into learning experiences.

We will have our own divine Private Luxury Villa.

A driver will be available to take us anywhere we wish! On this retreat, the mood is intimate and our aim is to create a sacred group space, yet you don’t always have to attend every session. This is a time to reset and rejuvenate.

Also we will have our own Chef!

What will this week look like?

In our one-day writing introduction you will discover how to;

  1. Create your first draft structure
  2. Perfect your storyline
  3. Practice writing exercises that will help strengthen your writing and define your own message 

There’s nothing more powerful or freeing than finding your own voice and birthing your story out into the world. You will be supported with integrity and know-how as I’ve been down this path myself – and I’m still on it;(currently drafting my second book with a planned launch date June 2018.

In our Tantric sessions you will explore;

  • Tantra: Key Practices
  • Archetypes: Myths, Shadows & taboos
  • Karmic soulmate or twin flame relationships

Do you want to see a little bit of our agenda?

As mentioned, this is not an exhaustive program.

Our introduction is an opportunity to learn powerful tools for easy access to your own body wisdom, and a reset for life!


Sun     28 January                midday on                 All arrived / drinks & Dinner

Mon    29 January                9-1pm /3-6pm           Writing Session Part: 1 /   Writing Session Part: 2

Tues   30 January                9-1pm / free              Tantra pt 1 /  *guest free

Wed    31 January                9-1pm / Group          Tantra pt 2 / Group activity tba

Thur    1 February                9-1pm /3-6pm           Tantra pt 3 /Tantra ritual practices

Fri       2 February                9-1pm / free              Tantra practice / Writing in Review

Group activity tba / FAREWELL DINNER

Sat      3 February                Check out & hugs before we all depart

(*NOTE:* guests are to choose and pay for their own activities outside retreat and on free days)


This divine retreat includes:

Food cooked by our Chef / Driver / Airport Transfers from Denpasar / Gift pack (Embossed Writer’s Journal ) & love!

I will be available FREE for 1 post retreat follow-up mentoring session.

Private Tantra and Healing Sessions will be offered at 30% gift rate.

Your Luxurious Private Villa

Eden Residence, Bali

Spaces limited to 10 women.

Discretion, integrity & respect is offered at all times.

What isn’t included:

French Champagne :) / Alcohol / Tour costs

love Taryn

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Who’s Taryn?
Taryn has written a successful memoir, speaking in the media on TV locally and radio + press internationally.
Based in Sydney Australia, Taryn has been holding deep, integrative sessions and men’s mentoring for nearly 20 years. She has held women’s sexuality events and couples workshops, more recently creating s Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Sexuality currently on offer at The Awareness Institute Sydney.
With inspiration drawn from Nityama, part Degree in Communications, Diploma’s in Transformational Coaching & Life Care and Holistic Counselling & Shamanism, Certificate in Kaula Tantra, Certificate in Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing, Taryn practices yoga, outdoor walk meditation ritual clearing daily; paying homage always to our Earth.
More info, background, publisher and testimonials can be found on my website
 Feel free to email me at [email protected]