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Chakra Balancing & Healing with Energy

*Release Energy Blocks

*Heal Soulmate Relationships

*Experience Past Life Clearings


Energetic Healing is an art & science encompassing the practice of ‘listening to the body’. Our bodies comprise of energy – external layers and also internal which correlates to internal functions of the body; to better understand this we can look at the workings of which involve our Chakra system – a form of energy composited within wheels along our body.

This form of bodywork is also a way to engage directly within deeper parts of our unconscious, sometimes hidden messages of the mind can be stored as cellular memory forming blocks.

  1. Experience sacred sexual healing
  • Let go of shame or guilt (if any)
  • Learn your value as an individual in any given relationships
  • Gain insight around fears or feelings of inadequacy pertaining to but not limited in a) being expressive in bed b) struggling with connection in relationships
  • Release blocks that may be preventing you from enjoying pleasure
  • Discover other deep, ingrained behaviours or unconscious memories that may harbor a place in your psyche
  • Free the body of negative experience by honouring it and letting it go
  • Understand what old beliefs may have unconsciously wounded you – and shift them
  • TRUST your purpose and empower yourself

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On a physical level we can see our wounds, but often when we become vulnerable  we are affected more deeply. This is when more obscure, difficult to determine underlying issues are incubated, be it due to trauma, or emotional rejection or of course something more insidious such as illness as in the case where prostate or ovarian cancers reside.

Sexual or intimacy issues can create trauma and block our divine connection hence creating disease and physical ailments such as but not limited to erectile dysfunction – one that concerns a great deal of our male population at some point in their lives.

  1. Create that healthier intimate relationship you’ve always wished for
  • Confront deep intuitive discomfort and release anger/pain/fear/disappointment
  • Observe repetitive life patterns and choose to change
  • Prepare to meet your true self and open up to deeper love
  • Know that your heart is the centre of all things divine
  • Give yourself permission to TRUST (yourself or a new partner)

Chakra Balancing / Energy Healing

90 minutes          $200

*This session incorporates somatic bodywork e.g. breath & visualisation plus therapeutic discussion. Sessions are conducted clothed, yet comfortable within a therapeutic relaxed setting. See my counselling & coaching page for more information about therapy.

Also read about tantric BODYWORK (POLARITY KEY) as a form of opening up the body with breath in endeavouring to connect through intimate touch to reach the source of discomfort.

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I cannot recommend Taryn enough! She is sensitive and intuitive. Her Chakra Balancing helped shift many things that were going on at the time, even with my hormones. She took me back to a past life (which was strange) and in my vision I saw a great deal of blood from battle where I had been fighting as a man. I was also very unhappy with the killing, but it was my job. In reality I was going through menopause, missing having my periods and feeling upset I was losing my womanhood. The next day after not having menstruated form months I bled furiously and I welcomed it. It gave me a little more time to get used to becoming a woman without periods. This I know was linked to Taryn’s work. Overall following the session I felt more content and at peace…
Sharon Kelly, Media Specialist, Sydney