Who am I….?

As a global leader, teacher & speaker on body wisdom, Taryn’s knowledge & genuine approach has inspired many to learn & adapt these self empowering & healing skills. Her experiential energy based touch helps eliminate toxic belief patterns, supporting healing around sexual shaming plus restoration in the following key areas of life; *stress & anxiety *sexual dysfunction *oncology care *fertility *intimacy & relationship skills *body image; reclaiming self esteem *pleasure & sexual energy activation (kundalini + body orgasm).

Taryn also receives guidance for past life clearing; releasing individuals from Karmic attachments so that they may reclaim essence & joy in this lifetime.

“I love being called into this life, facilitating & guiding others around the mysteries of the Divine in sacred intimacy. It’s a gift to be able to help people define what intimacy means to them. Navigating love & relationships is a dance, & woven within traditional practices of Tantra it becomes a lifestyle. The aim is to consciously awaken to our soul’s desire for embodiment by collectively raising our vibration to levels of bliss.


This is my story – a journey of love, loss, lessons in sexuality & spiritual enlightenment leading me to this Tantric life!

It’s always worth revisiting our process of growth & expansion because it heralds our expertise. What on Earth inspired me to embrace Tantra and Sexuality as a career? Well, we humans – we evolve.

I actually began my career in the area of sexuality when working in PR on the launch of Viagra back in ’98. Successful, savvy and with no real regard for my wellbeing (although I WAS very health conscious) I crashed out completely; Adrenal Fatigue ending my career!

It’s hard to believe I was engaging with specialists in sexual and nutritional health and yet there I was on the treadmill – deflecting the messages of stress that my own body was sending me.
Being busy for me was easy, especially because I knew I had finally found my passion! This work allowed me to connect with a long held desire to heal others.

An abundance of resources became available and soon I was learning more about the communication link between our bodies and minds, finding evidence to show that having a positive mindset and a healthy life style (regular physical activity and good nutritional eating) can enhance health – no pills necessary! I could see how it helped in the prevention of disease and why good living would cultivate positive self-esteem.

So why did this all begin to resonate more deeply?

Because I could sense there was a deeper purpose.

I was also a binge drinker, but of course no one notices when everyone’s at the pub – it was a given that we drink to celebrate life, and yet I knew I needed to stop.

So that’s where the Adrenal Fatigue comes in – and bam! I quit my career at its peak and began my sabbatical, which is when I stumbled upon the magic of bodywork & breath work. This is when I began to feel better, and so I explored this field to discover more about the benefits of listening to the body. Teachers and healers introduced me to modalities that proved just how adept our body is at mastering past pain (I went through divorce years earlier and never really got over it – which is why the drinking felt so good!). Yes, trauma is absorbed and embedded into our cellular memories quietly waiting for something to trigger it so that we can find release and move on!

That’s when my whole life became a new practice – a dedication to my body as a temple to be nourished with whole foods and abundant days filled walking and meditating outdoors. Spirituality became a mantra undeniably creating a lifestyle I embraced. Interestingly, I had resisted this path when I was a child, since my father was incredibly health focussed – teaching Tai Chi to all my friends and the community over 35 years ago; and my mother’s intuitive nature meant we were introduced to psychics regularly while growing up; empathic to the point that even my sister and I have a  ‘knowing’ – reading each other telepathically which is an awesome way of tuning in whenever one of us needs to get in touch. (It’s also great because we don’t worry about things unnecessarily. We can simply ‘tune in’ and trust our ‘gut instinct’ that everything is ok, which it usually is!)

Intuitive spiritual realms have since been welcomed as I healed, accepting that this is inherent in us all – and so a gift I no longer repress. Hearing that I’m an Empath is no longer something that has me baulk. In fact, everything about my life now makes total sense!

Accepting Meditation, breath and Tantra as a way of life then opened me up to Kundalini energy. To experience sexual energy at its purest is an incredible awakening; my curiosity peaked, leading to studies in Energetic healing and Psychology which highlighted the many ways in which our lives can become more about ‘being’ and less about ‘doing’, inspiring me to honour pro sex work attitudes and encourage healthier positive views on sexual freedom.

It is appropriate for me to add here that as I began studying, I chose to go into sex work because it meant working very few hours and having the time to do double Diplomas – without becoming exhausted!

Having realised the impact of living in a shadow existence was the life experience upon which the foundation of my own deeper healing work began. To look back upon my journey, I now realise that it took a great deal of energy to juggle persona’s for fear of judgement or shame. Acknowledging my life choices with acceptance & deep gratitude for what this has taught me about the human condition has armed me with empathy and unconditional love for those of you who seek guidance today. Academic training has nurtured my capacity to fully integrate a healing practice that covers all aspects of body-mind-spirit wisdom and dedication.

‘Too many people live less than blissful lives because of shame, guilt or fear’

And that’s basically why I can understand and honour this calling for me to encourage you to live a more blissful life; in some cases this may mean confronting what isn’t working in your life and why (maybe it’s due to a lack of intimacy or living in a toxic relationship). In many cases, it may simply be that you are living without a partner and therefore lack the delicacy that is human touch, which is every human’s right.

Now let’s talk about how I can assist you…

As a Sex & Intimacy Coach: (Psychosexual Tantric Therapy)

By mentoring, it is my approach to guide you through a process of identifying relational needs, helping you understand what feels good and what doesn’t; emotionally, physically and spiritually utilising pranayama (breathwork) energetic healing& Tantra.

As a sensual woman and trained therapist with a fervent fascination for all things spiritual, aesthetic and universal, I have a vision for one and all to better understand not only the fundamentals of emotional wellbeing (psychological), I can help provide sexual education, medical or relational support (regarding erectile issues, women’s health; menopause, eating disorders, low self-esteem and stress).

There’s ample opportunity to explore & share with many of you who visit me here, and I have become very comfortable in offering a tantric therapeutic experience ‘because you’re worth it’. We all deserve passion and understanding in our lives, so why not share and nurture one another whenever we have the opportunity to grow and feel alive?

In relation to counselling, often when battling issues of low self-esteem or struggling with stressful relationships (love relationships or our own personal one) it’s important to have someone neutral on hand as opposed to our best friends or people who give caring advice. I am able to listen and reflect back with guidance, helping you to gain the strength and courage it may take to master positive thoughts and feelings. To be centred and in control will allow a better flow of energy and create balance in your everyday life.

Living with love, laughter and passion is essential for everyday health. Feeling pleasure is our human right – and loving yourself first is vital.

As a Tantric Teacher / Coach / Bodyworker: (Somatic / Experiential)

Once we become acquainted, you can feel safe to explore your deeper desires whatever they may be. Tantra is a spiritual journey more than anything, and with bodywork I provide ample space for your body to connect with the natural energetic experiences that transpire in such a setting.

Do you need to express yourself without fear of judgement but don’t know where to start? Are you in need of touch & more intimacy or do you wish to explore the depths of sensual lovemaking (maybe just bored with casual sexual encounters or need to learn more skills in soulful & intimate pleasure?)

Given all my training, sex therapy can be integrated where there may be a need to explore the subtle messages of the psyche; the resonance of trauma or any emotional imbalance either due to personal conflicts in relationship, sexual abuse, fear of intimacy or any other issues pertaining to illness (post-operative ED/ birth trauma / testicular cancer / breast cancer / ovarian cancer). Trouble within your sexual/intimate relationships (or if single, fear of intimacy or lack of seduction & dating technique)  may surface via depression or a sense of anger, and frustration.

Once we have discussed in length what it is that brings you to call me, we may consider what session may meet your needs. Next step is simple! You can come in and relax, get naked if you wish and begin exploring your sexual/sensual & holistic wellbeing in safety and comfort.

I look forward to supporting you upon your expansive sexuality and tantric journey today



serpent energy                 Course Attendance & Accreditations

Various Certificates in Marketing, Advertising
Degree in Communications
Media Sales, (TV & Print)
Senior PR Manager Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Healthcare

2000-2009 Owner, Balance Communications; Freelance Health & Nutrition PR
2001-2002 Spiritual Sabbatical “Hero’s Journey” Reconnecting with Gaia through Greece, Pompeii, Italy, Portugal (joined the pilgrims at Fatima) Spain & Alhambra Palace
2002 Transformational Life Coaching (Diploma)
– Meditation
– Shamanic journeying & Rituals
– Focussing
– Goal setting & mind mapping
– Vision Quest (Blue Mountains Retreat)
2002 Transpersonal Counselling & Life Care (Diploma)
– Psychodrama
– Gestalt therapy
– Understanding Loss & Grief
– Relationship dynamics
– Body Image Attachments, Addictions & Wholeness
– Nutrition Counselling
– Counselling Children and Adolescents
– Safe practice
– Clinical practice hours
2003 Fernwood Fitness Centres for Women, Health Coach

2003 Tarot training in the cards – mythology, practice and meaning (with Paul Fenton-Smith)
2004 Workshops; Understanding therapeutic practice & healthy boundaries (Psychotherapists Jane Daisly Snow & Margaret Bailitis)
2004 Certificate; Applied Control Theory- Perceptual Control ‘Diet No More’ *In relation to Food; sensate analysis & quantum evaluation of behaviours (with Judy & Jenny McFadden AACTA)
2006 Tantra Teachers Training (with Bhakti Shakti & various Tantra Schools on-line webinars)
2006 Pranayama & Kriya Yoga in practice
2006 Training: Introduction to energy, Spiritual Healing & Chakra balancing (with Annie Evans)

2009 Curves Female Gym, Health Coach
2010 Soul Sessions (Presenters Yasmin Boland Astrologer & Leon Nacson, Hay House Managing Director)
2010 Training; Disciplinarian practice (light BDSM & Roleplay)
2010 Training; Astrology basics with Kellie Surtees – Sydney
2011 Sex & Consciousness Conference – Byron Bay
2012 Tantric Nights – Tantric Blossoming – Sydney
2012 Training; Astrology mapping with Kellie Surtees – Sydney
2013 Training; Energetic Healing (on-going Diploma studies)
2013 Anatomy & Physiology – sexual portals to healing
2013 Meridian; connective energy source points
2013 Presentation: Dr Brene Brown (on Vulnerability) – Melbourne
2013 Conference: AISHM Sexual Health (presenters include Dr Bettina Arndt, Dr Michael Lowry)
2013 Presentation: The Biology of Belief, (presenter cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton) – Sydney
2013 Conference: Uplift Byron Bay (several presentations on positive psychology etc)
2014 Women’s Circle – evening of divine dance & ritual – Sydney Tantra Temple
2015 Training: Talking about Love & Sex when Death is in the Room (Buddhism & Psychotherapy)

2016 Workshop; Karma and Past Lives “Encouraging your memories to surface” with Linda James (Awareness Institute)

2016 Training: ONE DAY of Ascending masters Workshop “DNA 5th Dimensional Frequency +  Unification of the Inner Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Template / restoring alignment” / “Shamanic Initiation of the Incas stage 1: Harmonising energies and honouring Mother Earth” with Raghida Shaman

2016 Training & Workshops CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE: Arizona USA – 

WORKSHOP: Gregg Brayden ‘Heart Math’  Resilience & Ageing

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr Jean Huston / Carolyn Myss / Marianne Williamson

WORKSHOP: Denise Linn (past life patterning, forgiveness and psychic intuition practices)

Presentations + Event Facilitation

1998 Men’s Health Forum (Leveraging Viagra launch of which I was involved with KOLs worldwide. Erectile dysfunction discussions – wrote materials pertaining to prostate, testicular cancer programs for prompting check ups – collaborated with Urologists) – Hosted Adelaide component
2000 Australasian Women’s Menopause Society Round-table (Organised collaboration with Women’s Health specialists & oncologists) – Sydney
2001 Poduction of women’s menopause information tools (Collaboration with sex therapist & author Dr Rosie King) – Sydney
2007 Presentation at school assemblies & clubs on wellness, vision & philanthropy – QLD
2010 Organiser & host of Forums on heart health (Research & collaboration with cardiologists) – NSW
2011 Facilitator Run Club meetings, major marathon evens & community engagement; building relationships & empathy to support uptake of healthy lifestyle & fundraising for research – Sydney
2014 Organiser & Presenter; Women’s Intimacy & Sexuality Workshop – Awareness Institute – Sydney
2014 Organiser & Presenter; Conscious Sexual Healing & Tantra Teachers Training – Awareness Institute – Sydney
2014 Organiser & speaker; Trust – Sex & Self Esteem; Women’s Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy – Adelaide
2014 Organiser & Speaker; Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy – Gold Coast
2015 Organsiser & Speaker; Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy; Women – Sydney
2015 Facilitator; Women’s Tantric Sexuality Workshop – Gold Coast

2015 Facilitator; Women’s Tantric Sexuality Workshop – Sydney

2015 Facilitator; Couples ‘Rekindling Cupid’s Touch’ Micro-retreat Workshop – Sydney

2016 Teacher and creator of World First Accredited Program “Diploma of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality” (interview procedure for placements only, given the core components are psychological and sexual in content for sexuality as healing – not for profit nor gratification purposes)

2017 Teacher of Certificate / Diploma of Tantra * Sacred Intimacy & Healing (revised program due to success: two x yearly intakes – intensives format)

Media appearances & Publications (see media page to access links for viewing and listening to interviews)

2002 Article Written – Publication; Australian Journal of Pharmacy (interviews with Key Pharma Managers)
2014 Book written – Publication; Balboa Press ‘Trust’ (experiential research into sexwork & my clients; data collated over ten years; contains tantric / sex education plus relationship & intimacy insights and advice)
2014 Interview on Channel 7 The Daily Life – About sexwork & sexual healing (launch of my book)
2014 Interview in Mosman Daily – about sexwork, sex & relationships counselling
2014 Interview on American Radio Show ‘Unapologetic Womanhood’ (Let’s talk about Touch as therapy)
2015 Interview OM Times Radio 9 July “The Emergence of a Modern Tantric Goddess in Therapeutic Practice (Singapore; with Dr Martha Tara Lee)

2015  Contributor ‘Tantra & Sexuality Expert’ Holistic Living Magazine Article  ‘Diabetes and Sex – can this affect your love life?’ Sept issue

2016 Interview on Triple J “How does Anxiety affect our Love Lives?” Radio -( live studio interview last ten mins :)