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What they’re saying (testimonials)

“Taryn has a very supportive & nurturing presence. By learning to work with the breath, Taryn taught me how to slow down and be present to internal feeling sensations in my body. I learnt to be more aware of where I was holding tension, how to sense into those areas and then experience any ‘stuck’ emotions and feelings, followed by a gentle ‘allowing’ of things to just be. In becoming more quiet and attuning to my body in this way I was left with a greater sense of clarity and feeling more at ease with myself….the teaching was more expansive than I could’ve imagined – but so worth it for the growth. I’m so grateful…”
Douglas Channing, Chakradance, Tantra Teachers Training
“I cannot recommend Taryn enough! She is sensitive and intuitive. Her Chakra Balancing helped shift many things that were going on at the time, even with my hormones. She took me back to a past life (which was strange) and in my vision I saw a great deal of blood from battle where I had been fighting as a man. I was also very unhappy with the killing, but it was my job. In reality I was going through menopause, missing having my periods and feeling upset I was losing my womanhood. The next day after not having menstruated form months I bled, I welcomed it. It gave me a little more time to get used to becoming a woman without periods. This I know was linked to Taryn’s work. Overall following the session I felt more content and at peace…”
Sharon Kelly, Media Specialist, Chakra Balancing
“It was our anniversary, and being mindful of the stress that we’ve been under we wanted to try something new. Sure we wanted to add excitement to our sex lives, but what we also learned was how to get excited about everything in our lives – to love ourselves as separate people and to come together feeling so much better…free to give ourselves permission to have fun! Loved the tools we were given to take home and practice too…”
Allan & Cherie, Tantric Couples Coaching
“I’m keen for you to share this – I didn’t just drop by for a social visit, I wanted to tell you some news in person. As you know, I’ve been seeing ‘Lisa’ for 6 months now and we’re moving in together. Can you believe it? I am committing to a girl. Well I have you to thank for a lot of it. When I came to you in 2012 I wasn’t in a great place and used to go see sexworkers. But it’s been a great journey.. I can see I was wasting my life before. I came to learn Tantra and enjoyed my time with you but came out the other end with a lot more than expected…I will be eternally grateful and can’t thank you enough!”
Ash, IT Specialist, Tantra Massage, Tantric Coaching, Relationship Counseling
“Thanks again Taryn…I’m really glad that when we finally co-ordinated time, it ended up being the best thing we ever did! Married for 7 years I had been complaining that our sex life had taken a nose dive, and with your guidance plus an amazing way of explaining things (I’ve been trying to tell him what I want in bed for ages!) it was a relief to fell like he finally understood. I guess we were married so young it’s not surprising there was so much we didn’t know, especially about each other as individuals – like you said…Yes I screwed up my nose at homework but after our second session with you luckily for me, my beautiful husband took all your advice on board and we’ve been practicing…thankyou thankyou!”
Mia & John, Couples Counseling
“When I told my boyfriend I wanted to feel a little more sexy and orgasmic and had booked this, he was intrigued but excited for me! Thanks for talking to me for ages before I booked in. It really put me at ease and I felt a strong connection with you, which really did help me relax. I loved your space and the way you gently eased me into the mood was quite lovely. Also yes my boyfriend was really pleased to hear how much I enjoyed it (getting the feeling back in this area); which was a bit of a tease for him actually! On that note, thanks for also sharing with me how I can do the same for him…”
Helene, Tantric (Yoni) Massage
“Thankyou for the awesome insight into my body and the hidden meanings around my anxiety! I’ve been so disappointed in not being able to attract a relationship but now I understand that there’s nothing wrong with me except that I need to love myself more and believe. This is not what I expected to hear but you opened up my eyes – and heart! Wow…I’m feeling more positive each day now and trying to keep up the meditation :) thanks!”
Abdul, Tantra Massage, Chakra Balancing (Energy Clearing)

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